Why Not Be Good At Everything?

Updated: November 14, 2012

Caleb Wojcik

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In a society that relies on pigeonholing you into a specific major in college or job in the workplace, becoming a jack of all trades is often frowned upon.

But who wants to be defined by just a single thing they do?

When you spend a lot of time doing something, whether you are paid to do it or not, you are bound to have the urge to try out other things.

Just because you get paid to do something for a living doesn't mean that your career defines 100% of who you are. Just because something is strictly a hobby that costs you a lot of money each month doesn't mean that it is a waste of time.

Be A Polymath

What we are all really striving for is a sense of balance. We want to have a stable job that pays well, but that isn't repetitive or boring. We want to pick up new skills and talents without having to invest 10,000 hours.

We don't want to have to label ourselves with just a single word that describes our occupation.

  • I'm an accountant.
  • I'm a nurse.
  • I'm a photographer.
In a way, doing this is a bit demeaning. We are more than what our resumés or LinkedIn profiles say we are. We are more than what we do for a living.

We are experts at a bunch of things, not just one.

The Bigger Questions

How does it make you feel when you try to explain all the things you enjoy and like to do?

Does it make you feel like you should be "focusing your energy to maximize your output"? We're not machines. Not everything needs to be so black and white.

Can you even give an elevator pitch about all the different types of things you do to earn a living?

Or are you a polymath that could be labeled by any number of job titles?

Humans are meant for more than to become just a cog in a machine. We're more than just a widget or tool that is only good at accomplishing one thing. (Hammer the nail, turn the screw, etc.)

What It Takes

All it takes is determining the talents you want to have, putting in the effort to get good at them, and busting your ass till you get there.

It all boils down to effort. Are you willing to work for it?


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