What If These 5 Renaissance Men Didn't Dream Big?

Updated: February 1, 2012

Caleb Wojcik

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Where would our society be today, technologically, socially and beyond, if these five renaissance men didn't dream big?

Leonardo Da Vinci

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Richard Branson

Do you think society would have progressed this far without people becoming experts and taking big risks to change the world? 

All drawings were created by Rob Middleton from Joy of Cartoon Pictures.

Rob has enjoyed drawing cartoons for most of his life. As well as drawing cartoons he enjoys hiking, drinking coffee, and fine cheeses.

"Drawing cartoons is an opportunity for me to explore ideas, have fun, and hopefully raise a smile or make someone pause to think for a while."

Rob produces cartoon e-books and illustrations. His heroes include Hugh Macleod, Paul Arden, and Giles. He is always happy to hear from people interested in cartooning. Rob can be contacted via joyofcartoonpictures@googlemail.com. Please don't send any cheese via postal mail. ;)

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