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Updated: November 7, 2011

Corbett Barr

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At Expert Enough, we believe that we are all capable of much more than we think. As humans, we tend to underestimate the capacity we have to learn, to do great things and to be much more than we are.

Brilliance lies within each of us, but most people never scratch the surface of what they’re capable of.

Expert Enough is about upping your game. It’s about realizing there are few real differences between you and people who change the world.

At Expert Enough, we believe that expertise doesn’t come from a piece of paper. Expertise is something you earn, and it’s something that anyone can pursue. You don’t have to wait for permission, and you don’t need anyone else to grant you status.

Expertise is relative. There are world-class experts on any topic, but you don’t have to be the world’s greatest expert at something to make use of what you know and what you know how to do. Being expert enough is our goal – expert enough to accomplish our goals, no matter how modest or world-changing they are.

Expert Enough is here to inspire you to learn more, do more, be more.

Life is richest when we become good at a lot of different things. We think terms like “know-it-all,” “jill of all trades” and “renaissance man” are compliments.

If you agree, we’d love to consider you a regular reader.

We’ll be sharing tips, how-to articles, interviews with experts, case studies and more on all kinds of topics from psychology to technology, from food to fitness, from inspiration to perspiration.

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