Enhance Your Expertise By Refining Your Value Process

Updated: June 7, 2012

Jason Anthony

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This is a guest post by Jason Anthony of Even Minds.

What would it look like if you could open up your true potential and amplify your expertise?

Imagine what creating and developing the best possible service could do for your customers or audience. Picture what it would be like to see your ideas and dreams become reality.

Envision how different your life will be once you've crossed the line and went from being resourceful, to being invaluable.

How would it feel to know you are making the absolute most out of your time and efforts?

Knowledge, while extremely important, does not stand on its own.

Having all the intellect in the world would be meaningless if you failed to do something with it. Tweet this
It takes a number of elements, combined with the right information, to make your skill set, instruction, and intelligence something truly special and unique.

As an expert, one of your priorities is to be aware of what you can be doing on a daily basis to become indispensable and steer clear of being inessential.

Failure to stay at the top of your game can spell out disaster for your cause, service, and even your own sense of worth.

Where All Good Knowledge Goes To Die

Knowledge is vital to any craft, but there is also a time and place where it ceases to be relevant.

Consider for a moment the amount of abandoned websites and dead space occupying the internet.

We’ve all had the experience of clicking a link that leads to a site that was last updated in 2004, or worse, a generic landing page for a hosting company.

What do you think happened there?

It’s entirely safe to say that at one point in time somebody had a vision. Time and energy were dedicated and invested to their cause, but then things just fell off.

Somewhere along the line they stopped doing what was necessary to maintain and grow their business and purpose.

They neglected to uphold a promise to themselves.

In the same way a building will crumble over time if it's deserted or neglected, so can someone’s purpose if they fail to cultivate it in the right way.

This isn’t just limited to online occurrences either.

Many brick and mortar businesses, as well as offline service providers, can suffer the same type of affliction.

Good People Can Make Bad Decisions

The world is full of bright and intelligent individuals who have good intentions. Scratch that - great intentions.

Many of them are capable of doing amazing things and becoming so much more, but a majority of them never get there.


Because they are the ones who will give up at the first signs of distress, or fail to recognize what exactly they should focus their attention and time on.

Instead of seeing the opportunity to make adjustments, they jump at the chance to succumb to the excuses.

It’s not that they lacked the knowledge or know-how.

They had the vehicle, they just failed to remain in the driver's seat.

I’ve yet to meet a successful or fulfilled individual who was not passionate and excited about what they do.

But once you lose sight of that focus and excitement, what’s left?

Boredom. Lack of energy. Disinterest. Fear. Even resentment, guilt, and frustration can creep in.

Blend any of these traits together and you have a recipe for self-destruction. Prevent them from occurring, and you now have a foundation to build success upon.

The Process Of Creating Value

You know that as an authority or expert one of your primary goals is to deliver value and provide more in service than you expect in terms of payment.

To do just that, let's take a look at a five step process which enables you to reach a more pure state of achievement.

1) Define Your Principles

This is where it all begins. Your principles are represented by thoughts and ideas. They shape how you think and what you believe. They are made up of everything inside your mind and heart which you've learned, as well as how you've learned it.

Your principles shape your personal philosophy which helps you to discover and embrace your passions. What gets you excited? What are the core beliefs and principles you stand behind in your personal and professional life?

2) Focus Your Outlook

Your outlook is posed in proportion to your principles. It’s how you see your purpose, or feel about yourself, business, product, or service. A poor outlook in business or life is a reflection of poor principles, just as a rich outlook is a result of having principles rich in importance.

Are you confident in the existence of what you have to offer or your level of service? If not, you must go back and realign yourself or re-define your principles. If so, it’s time to put yourself in motion.

3) Implement Action

Performance and productivity are born from taking action. These are the steps you choose to take with a conscious effort and goal in mind. It's the process of applying your work, time, effort, and energy.

What is your next step? Define and categorize the matters of most importance to you right now. What do they entail? Is it reasonable to accomplish this on your own or with the help of others? Figure it out, then make it happen.

4) Monitor The Impact

Every move you make creates a result. Even in not making a move you create a different kind of outcome: nothing. Consistently measure the after-effect of your actions. Track the feedback and use your ability to measure your progression (or regression) to your advantage.

Remember that failure and growth are both two forms of measurable feedback. Ask yourself if you must continue on the same path, or if it's time to make adjustments to your actions.

5) Reflect On Your Behavior And Habits

The sum of the preceding four steps shape your habits, behaviors, and lifestyle. Being able to reflect on this is something that is truly magnificent. It informs us of the person we've become along the way, or makes us aware of the person we no longer wish to be.

It is understanding how we live and what we do with our knowledge.

Where have you arrived because of your principles, outlook, actions, and results? If you like what you see than you know you're on the right track. If not, then what can you do differently in this process to change that?

Which Step Are You Standing On Today?

Creating value is a process of cause and effect and it holds a very unique power.
  • Your principles and what you believe determines your outlook.
  • Your outlook plays a role in what action and activity you take.
  • Your actions determine your results.
  • The results you acquire re-energize or re-shape your focus and behavior.
  • Reflecting on your behavior determines how you define your principles
It is a cycle which you must constantly work on being aware of and tend to.

This is not to say that there aren’t countless strategies, tactics, and approaches that lie within.

Each niche, industry, and field has its own intricacies and details.

The actions a construction worker performs will differ from a sales person, but the fundamentals behind the value process are universal and timeless.

If you are not seeing or feeling what it is you truly believe you deserve in your endeavors then you must go back and dissect each step to find the obstacles.

When you work towards refining this process to better suit yourself and your mission, you’re working on becoming expert enough to regularly provide a service worthy of respect and admiration.


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