Learn Anything Faster with the Feynman Technique

Updated: April 13, 2012

Corbett Barr

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After recording Wednesday's Expert Enough show with Scott H. Young, I spent some time over on his YouTube channels (he has one for his blog and a separate one for the MIT Challenge we discussed in the episode).

This particular gem below really stood out.

The Feynman Technique (named after the Nobel prize winning physicist) is an incredibly simple and effective way to learn new things quickly that involves explaining everything you already know on a topic to identify holes in your knowledge.

I realized this technique is very similar to the process of writing a blog post on something you're trying to teach your audience about.

A blog post often starts by writing down everything you know on the subject. Along the way you usually identify some gaps in what you know and what you need to teach. By filling those gaps, teaching the subject actually helps you learn it better.

Have you tried this technique before? If not, take 15 minutes today and give it a try. Share your results in the comments below.

The Value of an Audience

At Expert Enough we talk a lot about gaining enough expertise to accomplish your goals, whether modest or world-changing. At some point on that scale you'll not only need to gain expertise, but you'll also need to share it with others.

That's where having an audience comes in handy. By growing a tribe of people who recognize your expertise and rely on your guidance, you can accomplish important things like supporting yourself financially, building a business, starting a movement or changing public opinion.

Growing an audience is also a great way to demonstrate and increase your expertise over time (using similar principles to the Feynman technique described above).

If you're interested in growing an audience online, we're opening enrollment to a course next week called Traffic School that will walk you through a proven framework for attracting thousands of new potential fans to your website or blog.

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