How to Become an SLR Camera Expert Without Leaving Your House

Updated: October 14, 2011

Corbett Barr

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Is your SLR camera stuck in auto mode?

That big fancy interchangeable lens camera you have is capable of taking incredible pictures, but to get the most from it you really need to know how to use all the buttons and knobs.

The problem is, it takes a lot of practice and time to learn about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, ISO and everything else you need to know to take incredible pictures.In the real world it's hard to keep all the conditions the same while you experiment with all the settings.

That's where the SLR Camera Simulator can help.

From the comfort of your laptop, the SLR Camera Simulator lets you change any of the important settings common to SLR cameras and snap a "photo" to see the effects in real time.

Trust us, this is incredibly useful for anyone who really wants to learn how to use a camera. Oh, and it's free.

Check out the SLR Camera Simulator (via Jon Arnold).

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