Is Fear Holding You Back From Becoming An Expert?

Updated: May 28, 2012

Alex Fakhri

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This is a guest post by Alex Fakhri of Blogging Toolkit.

Fear is one of the oldest and strongest emotions known to man, something that is inscribed within us. At first it was a basic emotion for the human animal. A survival instinct from thousands of years a go, when wars, plagues and natural disasters developed an intense fear inside us of something powerful.

However, since the the human race has developed and gained more control over its surroundings, where survival instincts are not a threat anymore, our fears have evolved. Instead of reducing our fears, we have in fact began to multiply them. Our fears have developed about our status in society, whether people like us or not, our health, money, and personal possessions.

Instead of our natural fear of nature and an intense fear of something powerful we started to develop a generalized fear of almost everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives.

There is a whole study and book by Robert Green and 5o Cent called The 50th Law, which is incredibly fascinating, looking at the real intricacies of fear and how it has come to rule most people's lives. More importantly, it discusses how to overcome fear itself and turn every aspect of your life into an opportunity.

The question is though: what have you really got to be afraid of?

I hope the answer you’re giving is nothing!

For years I’ve been listening to success stories of others and how they quit their day job to start a business that was a success or left to go traveling around the world. I wanted to be that person; I wanted the successful business and travel around the world. But the real thing that held me back was that I was never an expert in any field. That was my fear, lack of experience.

But how do you get experience? By actually doing what it is you want to become.

I have seen people go into all sorts of different fields of work in life and most of them either had no experience to start a business in it or even go near it. But if you take out that fear of not being an expert, you can do anything you want. Once you eliminate that fear there is nothing holding you back and you can learn everything else "on the job".

Lets take Richard Branson for example. His story of naming Virgin has to be my favorite and helps to reassure others about starting a company.

The name Virgin came about as a group of them were working on the mail order record company and were brainstorming names. Someone shouted, “how about Virgin, because we're all virgins at running a business”. See, you are definitely not alone in embarking on a new adventure.

“Fake It Till You Make It” as an Expert is exactly what you should be doing and it’s exactly how you become an expert. So, why do we have this fear of conquering our field and becoming an expert? The truth is, society deems what is seen as an expert and what isn’t. We rely on society to tell us what we can do and what we can become.

I have one piece of advice, read Corbett Barr’s Rewriting the Rules.

Taking The First Step Conquer Fear

Unfortunately you can't get rid of fear over night, but you can work towards your dream one step at a time. You can develop successful habits that will get you there, depending on how hard you’re willing to work.

Start With Why?

As with anything, you need to understand the real reasoning behind your motivation and dream. Why do you want to be an expert? What will it do for you? Is it the right decision for you? Once you have your goal of becoming an expert, you start to understand your true drive behind that goal.

Visualize a Dream

Being able to visualize your dream is incredibly important for anything you want to accomplish. You need to be able to see that dream clearly in your head. You need to paint a picture that is so clear it’s almost like reality. While visualizing the dream you also want to be able to understand what "being an expert" means to you. They’re all kinds of different experts within a field and all at different levels. What level do you want to be at?

Self Doubt? What Self Doubt

I hope that’s what you are saying to yourself as you have are already visualized your dream of becoming an expert.

Eliminating self-doubt is your next step. It has a tendency to creep back in every so often, so you need to crush it. If you don’t believe in yourself, neither will anyone else.

List Your Goals

What is it that you want to do? You have your clear picture, you believe that you can become an expert, now map out your path to success. Write out the target you need to be hitting every day, week, month and year. Without mapping you have no idea where you’re going to end up. It’s like starting a road trip without a destination. Where are you going?

Becoming an Expert

Follow through with your goals of being an expert. Starting a journey is both amazing and life changing for anyone embarking on it, finishing it will take your life to whole different level.
"When I nearly died it made me think - this can happen again any second. I better hurry and do what I want. I started to live like I never lived before. When the fear of death is gone, then nothing can bother you and nobody can stop you."
  • 50 Cent

Have you ever conquered your fear? Are you doing what you want to in life? Make sure you tell us about in the comments below.


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