Happy First Birthday Expert Enough!

Updated: November 7, 2012

Caleb Wojcik

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This site was born on November 7th, 2011.

One year, 123 posts, and 238,000 visits later we wish this site a very happy first birthday. Hip Hip Hurray!

Over the past year, we've sat down with experts on the Expert Enough Show. We've given you a swift kick in the pants, with The Lost Art of Hard Work. And when you needed just a little bit more motivation to keep striving towards being an expert we gave you 18 Encouraging Quotes Every Aspiring Expert Needs to Hear. We helped you learn the essential basics of chocolate, racquetball, or rock climbing and more.

It's been a heckuva year, and we're so glad you're here with us.

Here are some of the cornerstone posts that shape what Expert Enough is all about:

1. The Lost Art of Becoming Good at Things

In this post, Corbett asked has the art of becoming good at things been lost on today’s instant gratification society? It has gone on to be the most popular post here at Expert Enough, with nearly 3,000 social media shares and counting.

2. The Expert Enough Manifesto

As the cornerstone of this site, the Expert Enough Manifesto lays out our creed. Learn More. Do More. Be More. This post was so popular that we ended up turning it into a physical poster you can order.

3. Do Shortcuts Exist to Becoming an Expert?

During launch week we asked 23 experts whether they thought there were shortcuts to becoming an expert. Their answers may surprise you.

4. Pushing Your Body to Physical Limits: How to Train Like a Fitness Badass

A surprising fourth most popular is a guest essay by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits in which he describes how he trained for and completed the GORUCK challenge; one the most physically demanding events in existance.

5. Deliberate Practice: What It Is and Why You Need It

Did you know that the quality of your practice is just as important as the quantity? Or that scientists also believe that expert-level performance is primarily the result of expert-level practice NOT due to innate talent. This concept is known as deliberate practice, and it’s incredibly powerful.

Thanks to everyone that has been a reader, sharer, and fan of Expert Enough over the past year. Corbett and I really appreciate it.

What is your favorite post from Expert Enough so far?

We'd love to hear from you in the comments below this post. What do you want to see Expert Enough cover in year two? What has been your favorite post in the archives?



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