How To Turn Your Dull Morning Into An Epic One

Updated: September 12, 2012

Dean Phillips

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The morning is a precious time that most people take for granted. It is what separates the men from the boys and the heroes from the cowards.

What you do this morning can make all the difference between having a badass day and being super productive, loving life and going on to bigger things versus being lazy, lacking energy and just plain old not getting far in life.

I’ve noticed a trend in modern times called the laying in bed trend. You wake up, but don’t get out of bed for a while. You are just laying there because you don’t have a plan.

It is possible to create a life full of love, wisdom seeking and bigger moments, the kind of life you are so open about because it just plain rocks. Plus I’ve heard this way of life leads to more attraction from that person at the café that you want to talk too, yes that one!

I believe there are many ways to create the life I talk about, but today I just want to talk about two of the ways to super charge your life, body and dare I say it, soul (funky stuff I know). Both of these things go hand in hand. So first, lets tackle the big one: making your morning less dreadful.

1. Create A Wake Up Routine

It always amazes me how many people just slum out of bed, eat some nasty cereal, brush their teeth and off they go on their journey. As I’m sure you already know, we need Life in the morning, not dullness.

I think Benjamin Franklin put it best:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
Going to bed early every night may not always be easy or even manageable 365 days a year, but getting a routine and planning ahead is what is going to crush this battle of you vs. the alarm clock. So let’s fight fatigue and get you shifted from zombie to superhero.

Take Action

1Stick to the same wake up time, even if your bedtime fluctuates.

The good old “catching up on sleep by sleeping in” deal simply doesn’t work. You need to get up and get your body clock used to the time - trust me, it knows you better than you think it does!

2Drink 2 pints of water upon waking.

The body dehydrates through the night and this leads to massive fatigue in the brain and body. We need to fix it ASAP!

You might have heard the saying that our body is made of 60% water and brain is composed of 70%, so look at it this way, you wouldn’t go 8 hours in the daytime without drinking, so don’t allow your body to go longer once you have woken up. Plus, science has proven that drinking cold water has been shown to increase your metabolic rate and why wouldn’t you want that?

3Do a bodyweight and movement pattern circuit.

We need to prime our body and nervous system upon waking and the best way to do that is to get some movement in our muscles and joints. You may be tired, but this should wake you up pretty quick. The following is based on different movement patterns, should create a mind muscle connection and get your nervous system going a bit more than it would have been. Nothing too stressful though.

Try This Wake Up Call: (Do this with 10-15 seconds rest in-between moves and then repeat the circuit if desired.)

Push-ups x 10 Bulgarian split squats x 10 per leg Overhead reaches x 15 Spiderman push-ups x 5 each side Plank x 1 minute

4Have a breakfast of fats and proteins.

Protein is fantastic it boosts your metabolic rate, keeps you fuller for longer and helps repair your muscle cells. Studies are showing that our fat cells are more prone to spiked insulin in the morning which means carbs make our fat cells happy, which makes us sad. So, to stop this go low carb or fast. You will find yourself with more energy and clarity. Here is a staple breakfast I recommend:

Going low carb, need energy and have some weight to lose:

4 whole eggs with veggies, throw in a turkey sausage or two and dig in (salt and pepper to taste).

If you are currently skinny (and want some muscle) however then I would recommend:

Going Big = 4 whole eggs, 2 handfuls of veg and lean meat, 2 tbsp of nut butter, 1 piece of fruit and a handful of oats (cooked in almond, rice or oat milk)

5Look at your tasks that you need to do today.

You should write these at the end of the day or just before you go to bed. Getting them off your mind and on a white board should help you sleep better and also means you will be productive in the morning by being prepared with all the adventures that lie ahead.

2. The "Write" Life

Journal your way to a heroic living. I know I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not that dear diary stuff that I am referring to. My way journaling is more of an artsy way of doing it, even if you aren’t an artist, you will be able to do this.

Writing a journal has transformed my life dramatically in a short period of time. I know a lot of people write down their day and general things that they do/accomplish that day, but that is only half of the story. Here are some tips:

Take Action

1. List affirmations and quotes that you find incredibly inspiring.

Things that keep you awake, alive and moving towards your overall goal in life. The more you state and write these down the more likely they will be imprinted in your head and subconscious. Make these positive. Here are a few to get you going:

"Thank you, thank you. I am grateful to be alive another day.”

“Today is going to be my greatest day yet.”

“Dean Phillips is a badass.”

You get the point…

2. Use the journal to look at your goals and developments within your business.

List what you currently have going on, what you are planning on doing and the action steps you need to achieve them.

Along with the whole business side of things I like to look at my journal as I take notes on my artistic outflow, any ideas for articles, lyrics, hooks etc. Leonardo Da Vinci was known for rocking this and I’m sure you know how legendary he was.

3. What are you grateful for?

Gratitude is huge huge stuff, if you are unhappy this may be one of the biggest life changing things you can use. It works so well that one study followed participants taking place with gratitude for 10 weeks and their happiness levels increased dramatically.

Just write down what you are grateful for. This might be taking into account the bigger picture, or focusing on each day as it comes.

Personally, I like to go with a mix of things that I appreciated happening that day and big achievements I’m grateful for overall.

4. Going back to the “To Do” list, write down a “yes” and “no” list.

These are things you love and things you want to plan on removing. This can stem from “optimistic living” all the way to “ringing my wife on lunch break”.

Yes – Love, optimism, courage, family, food, fitness, dad dance moves.

No – complaining, hate, disengagement, fearfulness towards achieving my goals.

5. Virtues are huge. Which ones represent you right now?

Abundance? Courage? Compassion?

If you know your virtues and what you stand for in life, you are way better off than people who don’t – it’s that important.

Knowing yourself and what you live by shows character and who you are as a person. We all will have different virtues just like we will all have different affirmations (although you all should write down the 3rd one listed it helps).

There you have it: two ways to rock your love for the morning. By having a kick-ass morning routine you will find the rest of the day a breeze and by having a higher state of living, your day to day activities shall be achieved. (I kind of felt like a sensei saying that part!)

What habits help you have a great morning? Do you have any tips for others to use? Let me know in the comments below.

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