The 5000 Year Old Secret to Becoming an Expert in your Dreams

Updated: June 25, 2012

Jamie Finlayson

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This is a guest post by Jamie Finlayson of Lucid Ability.

If you had the choice to become an expert in anything what would it be?

Martial arts? The piano? Public speaking?

I want to become an expert at flying.

I’m not talking about airplanes or helicopters. I mean flying like superman… literally.

Now you've either stopped reading because you think I’m cuckoo, or you want to know how this crazy guy plans to become an expert at flying.

The Greatest Discovery of My Life

I remember being in a strange castle about 20 years ago only I had no idea how I got there. Suddenly, I woke up in bed. It wasn't until many years later that I found out what happened: I was lucid dreaming.

A lucid dream is when you become conscious while you are dreaming. Not only do you know you’re dreaming, but you can explore and manipulate the dream world using the power of your mind.

The best part is: it’s a skill you can learn.

Your Own Virtual Playground

Inside the dream you become a superhero and make all the rules. Gravity doesn't mean anything. Physical matter is merely an illusion. When most people begin lucid dreaming they usually:
  • Fly like superman
  • Run through solid walls
  • Court their favorite celebrity
  • Travel to the far reaches of outer space
  • Go back in time and visit the dinosaurs
Of course these things are merely an illusion. You won’t really see actual dinosaurs. Everything you experience are representations your subconscious mind creates. The subconscious mind is the ocean; you are the captain of the ship.

If It Feels Real, Then What Is Reality?

Stand up and look around you for a moment. This is what the dream world feels like. It’s just as real. Your reality is created by electrochemical signals in the brain. What’s real is whatever your brain tells you is real. It makes sense if you think about it.

If your eyes never sent signals to your brain you wouldn't be able to see. Likewise, if your brain never received any signals when you touched something you wouldn't know what it felt like. You’d only know it was real because your other senses told you.

Everything that makes up your reality is created in the brain and you get those exact same electrochemical signals when you dream, so it feels the exact same as the real world. Your brain can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. If it did you would become lucid every night.

It's About More Than Escapism

The real goal of lucid dreaming isn't to frolic about and indulge in fantasies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we can use our dreams to better ourselves in the real world. To become experts.

Public Speaking the Easy Way

Imagine you’re about to give your first public speech. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine. The thought of standing on stage might make you anxious and send your mind into a spin.

But what if you could practice giving your speech in front of a live audience without any of the social repercussions you would face if it was for real? What if you could practice your speech in your dreams?

It wouldn't matter if you messed up because the only people that can judge you are figments of your imagination. You could practice and practice your speech until you felt absolutely sure you were ready.

Fine Tuning Motor Skills While You Sleep

Remember what I told you about the brain being none the wiser if you were dreaming or not? It means it’s possible to improve motor function in the brain by practicing repetitive skills in the dream world.

Play the piano? No problem. You can fine tune your finger movements while you sleep. It doesn't stop there. Whether you’re a martial artist practicing kicks or a break dancer working on spins, anything is possible.

But How Do You Actually Do It?

Lucid dreaming is easy to learn and it doesn't need to inconvenience your life. Here are 4 simple steps that will enable you to wake up in the dream world:

Remembering Your Dreams

The first step in becoming lucid is using a dream journal to write down your dreams every morning. There’s no point in becoming lucid if you won’t even remember it happening. All you need is a simple notepad and pen which you’ll keep on your bedside table.

Before you get up in the morning keep your eyes closed and try to go over the dream in as much detail as possible. After you think you have it all quickly grab your dream journal and write everything down. It only takes 5 minutes so don’t slack off.

Performing Reality Checks

You can’t read a digital watch in a dream. The part of your brain that deals with the numbers counting down is fast asleep. This is where it gets interesting. Repeatedly look at your watch during the day and it becomes a subconscious habit. You’ll automatically check it in your dreams and when you do… BOOM! You become lucid.

As you’re carrying out the reality check, remember to ask yourself if you’re dreaming. It’s important to build up a high level of self-awareness. Carry out the reality check at least two dozen times per day and always remember to look at the watch face 3 times to eliminate false readings.

Lucid Hand Affirmations

Just before you go to bed, stare at your hands for about 5 minutes or whatever feels comfortable. You need to look at them really closely and pick out all the tiny little details. The trick is to be completely self-aware while you’re doing it. Shut everything else out.

As you stare at your hands repeat the affirmation, “When I see my hands in my dream tonight I’ll know I’m dreaming.” Say it like you mean it. You know it’s going to work. The more you can convince yourself of this the more likely it will happen.


Just before you go to sleep try to visualize yourself in a dream. Look at your watch and realizing you’re dreaming. Check your hands. Study the detail. Wow, it is a dream. Now go on with the rest of your dream, reminding yourself occasionally of your lucidity.

Use all your senses: touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. The more senses you use, the more real the visualization. Relax while your doing this and just have fun. Knowing you’re awake inside your dream should be the last thought on your mind before you drop off.

Those simple steps won’t inconvenience your life, but the outcome will truly change it. That I promise you. You can become an expert in your own special world and use it to help you become an expert in reality.


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