Become an Expert DJ in Two Months

Updated: March 18, 2014

Jordan J. Caron

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Expert Enough has lots to great articles, but I was surprised to see that none of the awesome authors had posted about becoming an expert DJ.

Based on how popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is getting, I thought I would let you readers know how easy it is to become a DJ these days.

This stems from a few months ago when I had a conversation with a friend. We were at a dance club and he was mesmerized with the DJ. How he controlled the crowd and how many woman wanted to be with him. He told me that he wanted to learn to DJ.

He knew I used to DJ and asked me if I would help him. I laughed and told him he could learn online in two months.

Which upsets me in a few ways. Why? I spent so much time and money learning ten years ago. I guess I wish I had picked it up in this technologically advanced world.

I wanted to get started after listening to a Essential Mix from one of my favorite DJ’s at the time, Armin Van Buuren.

I had been to a couple Tiesto shows the year before and thought being a professional DJ was an amazing job. Traveling the globe and playing music you love would be the dream.

So while listening to this mix from Armin I got myself pumped up and started looking for used DJ equipment on some local websites. I found decks and a mixer right away. So I dropped the $1800 down and went to town.

Technology Speeds The Process Up

I had to do learn everything on my own. Being able to sync up the tracks playing vinyl on turntables took months. Without learning this vital skill you had no chance to play out and make money from DJ’ing.

Malcolm Gladwell has said it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. I never added it up but it was probably that much time learning to sync tracks. If you asked any DJ seven or more years ago, they would have said learning how to sync up the tracks was the hardest part of learning to DJ.

As technology has advanced, it’s made learning to DJ really easy. Vinyl is no longer the medium and turntables are antiques. Instead it’s all about playing music directly from your computer using software products. These software products automatically sync up the tracks for you.

So a skill that took me months to become an expert at, only takes only minutes now! It’s not a myth, you do need to be a techie if you want to learn how to DJ nowadays.

Not only does technology help with the basic DJ’ing skill of beatmatching, but it has also makes learning how to use the software based DJ products easier.

The Content Generation

In 2003, the internet wasn’t what it is now. There was barely anyone out there teaching people how to DJ.

Nowadays there are YouTube videos and plenty of websites like Spin Academy providing DJ tips like how to sync up tracks.

I remember buying a book and learning some tips on DJ’ing. It helped a bit but I am a visual learner and video would have helped me immensely.

No matter what you are trying to become an expert at, you can probably learn how to really fast by simply searching “How to XXXX”.

I talk with friends about how quickly someone can learn how to become a graphic designer. Once they have Photoshop installed they only need some tutorial videos and the rest is up to how creative they are.

It’s amazing to know that you can learn so many skills in a matter of months. I really wonder what this is going to do for many local teachers of skills like graphic design and even golf.

The Internet provides a platform for anyone to teach people a skill or hobby they love.

So my friend who I told you about has learned to DJ in only two months and he’s out playing at clubs. It frustrates me because my skills aren't current because I learned on outdated technology. But it’s inspiring to know that my new hobby could be a money maker and only take me a few months to learn thanks to technology.

Are there any hobbies or skills you have learned quicker and easier thanks to technology?

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