10 Ways to Live Your Destiny

Updated: May 22, 2013

Rochelle LeGrandsawyer

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A huge part of becoming The Expert is claiming your personal piece of Destiny.

Knowing that you are doing exactly what you were put on Earth to do.

Being able to say "I am living my dreams" is something many of us aspire towards in our lives. But how do you actually get there?

Here are 10 tips for connecting with your destiny.

1. Lighten Up

Look for things in your life that make you smile, laugh, or light up with delight. As cheesy as it sounds, your destiny lies with the people, places, experiences, and choices that make your heart sing.

Having a response of joy and lightness is a big hint that you're connecting with something that is truly you. A good sense of humor also helps you keep moving forward; when you can laugh at yourself, you don't get stuck in the self-pity trap.

2. Shut Up

To hear destiny's call, you have to be listening. That's difficult to do when your mind is noisy, so find a meditation practice that works for you. It doesn't need to be sitting in lotus pose waiting for enlightenment.

You can do almost anything in a meditative state; swimming, walking, yoga, dancing, tai chi, gardening, surfing, free-writing, and chanting are just a few things that could form a personal meditation practice. Try out a variety of traditional and non-traditional options and see what clicks.

Then make a point of doing it everyday, even if it's just 5-10 minutes to start.

3. Go Play

Play is the gateway to passion. Play gets you in your creative flow. Make space in your life to play. They key is to get out of your typical routine, and engage in an activity whose sole purpose is your personal enjoyment.

Make sure that you are actually playing, not just being passively distracted or amused (Facebook, surfing the web, and TV don't count as play). Play increases your energy, and you’ll find that good ideas and creative solutions will come out of nowhere to help you.

Play is a break from I have to's, seriousness, and adult responsibilities. It creates space for spontaneity and new experiences.

4. Hit Repeat

Watch for patterns in your life. When things repeat, it's the Universe trying to get your attention. Pay attention to recurring events, conversations, objects/symbols, and people and ask yourself what that repetition means to you.

Is there an opportunity you could follow? A habitual stumbling block you can grow past? If the patterns are encouraging a particular action, do it. This is a surefire way to catalyze a chain of events that moves you closer to your dreams.

5. Listen to the Little Voice

We all have a Little Voice that guides us. Sometimes it tells us to speak up. Sometimes it tells us to go somewhere, or introduce ourselves to someone. Sometimes it tells us to have faith. Sometimes it tells us to eat fruit for breakfast.

Whatever that little voice tells you, listen.

It is your intuition, and it is your ultimate secret weapon in connecting with your destiny. Just remember: Intuition is often not logical, so don't expect the voice to make complete sense about why you should make a choice. Just practice listening and acting in cooperation with that guidance, and see what unexpected good comes your way.

6. Get Epic

No great Hero's Tale ends with, "And then they just kind of did some random stuff and everything turned out okay." We love our Fairy Tale Endings precisely because they remind us that we can do great things and live extraordinary lives.

If you are looking for your destiny, you'll need to know your epic story of greatness. One easy way to do this is by understanding your main archetypes - the subconscious, transpersonal patterns of energy in human behavior - and how they shape your life's story.

Are you The Warrior - always fighting for your cause? Or perhaps The Benevolent Queen - handling business with poise and grace?

Look for narratives that are meaningful to you, and see how the story’s obstacles and opportunities parallel those of your own life.

7. Get Starry-Eyed

You know that starry-eyed, open-mouthed, lost-for-words feeling you get when you are in the presence of someone you really admire? That happens because they are your mirror.

We admire in others the qualities we aren't quite ready to claim in ourselves.

Pay attention to the people that leave you star-struck. What are the qualities, attitudes, and accomplishments that you are drawn to in them? Write those things down, because you are writing the cheat sheet for greatness in your own life's path.

8. Details, Details

We all would like the heavens to part and big flashy miracles to let us know we are on the right track. However, many miracles come through the smallest details in our life.

Don't be afraid to embrace the small victories and celebrate them with the same gusto as your epic wins.

In appreciating the details, you'll develop an attitude of gratefulness and abundance. You'll start to see opportunities and bounty where other see obstacles and lack.

9. Same Thing, But Tiny

Many times, we know exactly how we want to make our place in the world, but it just seems entirely overwhelming and out of reach. How am I going to become a legendary director? How can I possibly get to a multimillion dollar business? The temptation is to pursue something that is not your dream, simply because another option seems easier or more immediately available.

Don't give in. If you have a dream, go for it.

Just start with an action that is the same as your big goal, but ridiculously tiny in scale. Be the director of an Academy Award-worthy four-minute film and post it on YouTube. Run a multi-hundred dollar business that starts with one great product that you are passionate about. You can start living your big dream today if you are willing to find the smalllest, simplest version of it and build from there.

10. Get Used to Time Travel

All of your great deeds start as tiny seeds of experience. As much as we'd like our lives to develop in a linear fashion, the reality is that many of the most important events in your life will happen "out of order."
  • You'll meet somebody, not talk to them for six years, and then suddenly reconnect for a business venture.
  • You'll write an article on a random whim, and three months later find out that a magazine you love needs a column written on that exact subject.
  • You move to a city seeking "the perfect job," but instead meet "the perfect person."
Connecting with your destiny requires a huge amount of patience, and a willingness to have your dreams become reality through unexpected channels and at unexpected times. Months will go by with nothing to show for all your efforts, followed by an avalanche of life-altering events in the span of a single day.

Embracing this time travel will help you move smoothly through space, and arrive in one piece to your very bright future.

Which one of the above have you been neglecting lately? Let us know in the comments below this post.


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